Week 10 ReCapĀ 

The regular season has come to an end.

Bob Fabrizio was able to overcome his #6 draft position to formulate a solid team which secured a first round Bye by holding off Team Amedeo and his first overall draft pick selection in the final week of the regular season.

The other Bye, and first seed overall, is held by Team LaBelle. Captain LaBelle & Ray will be looking to their two rookies to help them win back to back Divots Championships. Ray will be looking for his 3rd trophy in the last 4 years.

In Match #1, Team Amedeo will take on Team Bobby. This could be a breeze for Team Amedeo as Team Bobby only has two members that show up on a regular basis. If they do bother to show up, Team Bobby will be getting a total of 19 strokes from Team Amedeo with only Sully getting a stroke on the higher seeded team.

Match #2 appears to be a more evenly matched event which features a father/son matchup in the "B" flight.

Reminder, handicaps are frozen for the playoffs.

On to the Playoffs!

Playoff Grid Round 1