Finals Recap

Cinderella almost made it home from the Ball, but at the last minute her coach turned back into a pumpkin.

As predicted the final match-up was a close one. In the "A" flight you needed a par or birdie to win the hole. Amedeo's long drives paired with inconsistencies with LaBelle's tee shots led to an early 7-1 lead for the underdog captain. However, LaBelle took home 3 points on the last two holes to limit the damage to an 11-7 loss. Meanwhile, Jimmy "the Sandbagger" Borden continued his hot streak in the playoffs. The guy from the city taught the young suburban kid a lesson or two while getting out to an 8-0 lead. Bobby "shirts" Mouliaison battled back and had a chance to go 9-9 but lost the last hole and fell 11-7.  It all came down to the "C" flight as Ray struggled against the card.  It was a back and fourth battle between Bam and Bill Jr. The match was tied going into the long fourth hole. Giving a stroke on the hole, Bam found himself on the back the green in 3 while Junior was a little closer in 4. Bam had a long 40+ foot put with a large left to right break. Shortly after finishing his stroke he yelled out "it's in" calling his shot as the rest of the group watched the putt track to the hole and eventually drop in. That led to a mini streak in points for Bam, but Billy battled back. As they approached the 8th tee Bam held an 8-6 lead. The two halved each of the two holes and Bam held on for an 10-8 victory. That turned out to be the difference as the #2 seed took home a 2 point victory 28-26.


Playoff Champs

Team Player Flight Wk 1 Cap Playoffs
1 Myk A 10 11
Scott B 13 15
Lossman C 14 13
Jim D 18 17
2 Dr Doug A 6 5
Ryan B 12 12
Sully C 15 13
Dave Berard D 17 18
3 Amedeo A 7 5
Bobby M B 12 11
Bill Jr C 14 16
Paul Lind D 16 18
4 LaBelle A 8 5
Jimmy B 10 17
Paul McLeod C 15 14
Ray D 16 17
5 Russ A 8 7
Ron Jr B 9 7
Dave Marshall C 15 15
Bill Sr D 18 18
6 Bob F A 9 9
Dave Capaldo B 12 10
Lou C 16 18
Harry D 17 16


Final Week Pairings

All Players from the White Tees to Start*

Group 1: Team Marshall

Group 2: Team Myk

Group 3: Team Fabrizio

Group 4:  Team Dr Doug

Group 5: Team Amedeo

Group 6: The Champs

Here is the format for the final week: Two man teams A & D,  B & C.  If your group only has 3 players and there is not an alternate to fill in as a fourth, the three can play as a team.  It will be a modified scramble format. Each player will tee off. After choosing the best drive teamates will alternate shots until holing out. You must use at least 2 drives from each teamate.  If you birdie the hole, you play the next hole from the Blue tees. If you bogie, you play the next hole from the Gold tees.  $10 per player. Second place gets their money back, first place gets the balance.  Closest to the pin is #9.


See below for updated handicaps (locked for playoffs)


wk 13 custom - updated caps